Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Small Fortunes

Here's a little video I helped edit:

Microfinance products such as savings accounts, microcredit loans (usually $50 to $150), and health insurance empower the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. Through microfinance, they can secure better nutrition, education, healthcare and housing for their families. Microfinance has helped millions in developing countries raise their standards of living and protect themselves from economic setbacks.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mary and Dan Update: 9/25/2006

Mary and I just passed our four-month mark. Let's see--we haven't really done much, but somehow we've kept really busy.

Anyways, we are currently applying to the Peace Corps. We hope to leave for French-speaking Africa by October 2007. But applying is quite a feat in itself.

We also just bought a really nice HDV video camera. We hope to start shooting videos for profit in the near future. We have some ideas going around in our heads--weddings, family documentaries, etc.

I am the photographer for our church group. Mary is the activities coordinator. She just helped put on a Murder Mystery Dinner.

I am still working at StoreFinancial. A position recently opened up and I was originally offered the job, but then an exec decided to hire his former secretary of 20 years. The problem is she hadn't worked in 5 years and didn't know computers so she quit after one week. Then I was kind of half given the job. That is, I didn't get the manager title, but I am doing the same work. They are discussing giving me a raise but who knows how soon that will happen. At least I don't have to answer phones anymore--that was definitely getting to me. And the best part is that I can work regular hours now, so I get to see my beautiful wife more often. That is the biggest blessing.

Mary is playing on a recreational soccer team. Unfortunately they do not win very often but it's fun most of the time. I used to play but currently I am going through physical therapy. I sprained my ankle playing outdoor soccer about a year ago and it never healed properly. Right now I am doing simple strengthening exercises for my ankle. They also hooked me up to a "Game Ready" machine, which is a cold compress machine--it was pretty cool. They also put this steroid patch on my ankle, regulated with a battery and an LED to indicate the 3-5 hours that it is active shooting steroids topically into my ankle. Then you just throw the patch away.

We are having fun cooking, shopping, creating art and other strange activities. We like to sit in the hot tub, watch movies (when we find time).

Never create a blog

Never create a blog. It's pretty much a waste of time, but I thought I'd do it anyways.

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