Thursday, August 30, 2007

we're #1!

Guinea is, according to some study, the most perceivably corrupt country in Africa. Yeah baby! I knew it had to be #1 for something!

It's perceived as 4th most corrupt in the world, ranking only behind Myanmar, Iraq, and Haiti. Hah. What prestigious company...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Guinea or Bust

Yep, we're going to Guinea.

Peace Corps Invitation Kit - Status: Received/Unopened

Yes, a few hours ago I was home for lunch and I checked the mailbox before going back to work. There was a key in our mailbox, which means there was a package too big to place in our small apartment mailbox. So, I went to the large package mailboxes and opened it only to find our long-awaited Peace Corps Invitation Kit. The mailing address window is probably big enough to look through and find the country without opening the envelope, but I refrained as Mary would probably not appreciate me snooping around without her.

I got the video camera and took the package to work with me--afraid that Mary might open it without me when she gets home. So, as protector of the package I called Mary and left a voice message. I also emailed her to tell her the good news--unfortunately, I can't get a hold of her right now. I even thought about just driving straight to her work site to open the package together. But as the kids just got out of school I figured she would be too busy to do something as mundane as finding out where we're going for the next two years of our lives.

In any case, whether we open it at my parents' house or at our apartment, we'll definitely find out tonight.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

14 instead of 6...

14 more weeks of waiting ahead.

Well today we bring you good news, bad news.

Good News: Our invitation is in the mail!!! Yay!
Bad News: We got bumped back 2 months... grrr......

We were originally supposed to leave in 6 weeks on October 1st. Now we have to wait 14 weeks with a scheduled departure date of December 5th. Reuben, our Placement Officer, couldn't tell us the country over the phone (why?!? don't ask me. we're dealing with the government here...) but he did inform us that it is basically the exact same nomination, just a slightly later departure date. *sigh* So no Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for us. (isn't that the coolest capital name?) I'm guessing the invite will be to Guinea, but thats just my guess from snooping through posts on the web. It might very well be somewhere else.

Interesting note: they had to pull the volunteers out of Guinea in February due to political instability, but they're sending a new group back starting early December. Talk about Guinea Pigs. hah! (yes... I realize how cheesy I am...)

Now I am forced to spend the next week stalking the mailman...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

STILL no invite...

As the title would indicate, we still have no answer for the countless people who continue to pose questions about when and where we are going. "Yeah, we'd like to know the answer too... especially since it might be in as little as 6 weeks away."

Everyone cross fingers and toes that we will hear this week. Maybe tomorrow?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

still no invite

I got Dan's permission and broke down and tried calling Reuben, our Placement Officer, yesterday. Unfortunately I got his voicemail saying that he would be out of the office until Monday the 13th! That means we will for sure be waiting at least a full week before we hear anything.

At least I can stop obsessively checking my phone for messages over the next couple of days.

I called Stephanie today to ask when the latest is that we can be invited to keep our nomination. She told me that the program we were nominated for was actually bumped back a couple weeks. It's now scheduled to leave the first week in October. (I didn't tell her that is the time of departure we were originally told about for our nomination...) Either way, she said we're still ok on time. Final answer: August 20th. So Reuben has one week from when he gets back in town to get us our invitations. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Email from Placement Assistant

So, Mary wrote an email for me to the Peace Corps Placement Office to update my resume to include my Scoutmaster responsibilities. We got a response back saying they hope to send out our invitation within the coming weeks. Mary and I were hoping to get our invitation this week, so to read "coming weeks" was a bit nerve-racking. I've got to go feed the hedgehog.

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