Sunday, October 28, 2007

biding our time

Well, it's been a while since we've updated anything, so I thought I write a little about what we've been up to. Time has FLOWN since we got our invitation. We're now down to 5 weeks away from departure. I have to say, it has worked out for the best that our departure was bumped back like it was. We definitely wouldn't have been ready to leave October 1st.

The end of September our lease was up so we moved in with Dan's parents in Olathe. We had a big ol' garage sale and sold most of our furniture and a bunch of stuff. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate over a short time, isn't it?

We took a week trip up to Niagara Falls this month to get away and do something just for us. The weather was pretty mild, so we took some of our new gear with us and camped a couple of nights. Overall, a great trip. (even with an unscheduled extra night in lovely Rochester...) We'll post some pictures to go along with this.

We came back to face 8 days left of work. Yes, this Friday, November 2nd, is our last day of being employed. With the way time has been passing lately, we definitely look forward to some time off to get things ready to go. There is still so much on our to-do list, it's crazy. (on top of finding time to say goodbye to friends and family...) We're going to try to head out to see my parents one last time for Thanksgiving.

Overall, it just feels like we're picking up speed, heading downhill full-force. Staying busy I think has kept a lot of the reality from sinking in. When I stop to think about some things, there are definite moments of disbelief and many questions. It still feels very distant in many ways, even though I still don't feel like we have enough time before we leave. Odd feeling. I know we'll be getting on that plane in what will seem like no time at all. Luckily, I still haven't gotten to the freak-out point... :)

Sheesh. 33 days.