Tuesday, December 23, 2008

President Lansana Conté is Dead

(I think the dove is a great touch, no?)

President Conte died last night. A few hours after the announcement, a military captain declared that they were disolving the government and suspending the constitution and all political actions. According to the constitution, the president of the assembly is supposed to take power after the presidents death and organize an election within the next 60 days. But apparently that is not what the military has in mind. Instead, they say they are organizing a consultation council to work things out. They also declared that the state is in morning for the next 40 days.
For a good article about it all, the BBC has one here: Military 'seizes power' in Guinea

As some of you know, I am back in Senegal for more dental work. (another wonderfully long story) My flight back to Conakry was scheduled for this afternoon, but our Country Director (the guy in charge of Peace Corps Guinea) doesn't want me flying back until things are clear and calm. So don't worry. Peace Corps will always take good care of us.

If you want to read up a bit on this guy's life, wikipedia has a good synopsis. If you scroll to the bottom, they even already updated it with this new info about his death. Wikipedia: Lansana Conté
Other news sites that may be of interest if you want to do more reading:
Le chaos et le déluge de l’après Conté. (in french... but check it out, just for the picture...)

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