Thursday, October 15, 2009


First an Update:
Well, we're still here waiting in Bamako, Mali.  They haven't made any decisions as far as what to do with us.  We're in a holding pattern.  At least we're living it up with electricity, running water, internet.  At this point, with almost 100  volunteers all together, some are going a bit stir crazy, but we're dealing.  Peace Corps Volunteers are professionals in patience.  We'll wait because, well, that's our job.

I mentioned that we brought Charlie, our parrot with us when we were evacuated.  Fortunately for us, last month we had just found a pet carrier for him, so it wasn't a problem at all with him in the car.  We even had one of our neighbors who is a tailor make a little cover for it. 

When we got here, we also decided to try something new: taking him outside. We were a little scared that he would try to fly off, but it went very well. He was actually so spooked by all the new things around him that he didn't dare leave us.  He's such a little chicken.  But luckily he's become pretty bonded with us over this last year too.  He loves and trusts us.

Behind me you can see the huts that we're staying in here. Dan and I are sharing one near the back of the compound. They call it a 'simulated village' here. Sure.

Here he is checking out the trees.

We put some branches in our window for him to chill in, since we don't want him to stay in the carrier the whole time. He likes sitting there and watching the world go by.

Here's a view from the outside.

We're currently going through quite a bit of headache trying to figure out if we can still bring him home. It was pretty complicated before when we were just in Guinea, and now it seems nearly impossible. It'll be a miracle if we can actually get him home, but I will be so sad if I have to leave him behind at this point.

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